Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What am I looking for.

This is a piece a friend wrote way back in 2002.I guess we are still lookin for this and don't want to accept reality.Check it out.

'm looking for a wallet I lost long back,
for intelligence that I lack,
I'm looking for world peace
(but we know it wouldn't come that ease!).
I'm looking for 'worm holes' to travel through time
And a find an easy way to reduce the crime,
I'd want to know whether God exists,
They don’t answer, but I'll persist.
Am looking for a way to blend
Spiritualism, Communism and Capitalism,
But what I found in the end,
Sounded much like Existentialism.
I'm looking for a nuke that kills
Not the one but the one who uses,
Let's get rid of this socio-religio-political mess,
But before anyone else, let's start with the US!
I'm looking for ways to become Siperman,
If not Superman, Batman or even He-Man,
Or maybe I should look for Aladdin's Lamp,
But with these powercuts, maybe I can only use it as a
My brain cells are slowly turning to a sQuantum soup,
If I don't stop here, I'm afraid you'll puke!

So, what I'm looking for? Well, nothing much...
Maybe everything, maybe nothing,
Just can't put it as such-and-such.
Why not meet and get surprised,
If you knew everything at the outset,
What would be left to be desired???

I'm a kid who loves to scream,
A man who loves to dream,
I'm a bird who wants to fly,
Am a wet cat who needs to dry.
OK, OK, let me say it,
what I'm looking for is not a myth,
but just a good friend to be bed with!

There I said it, I'm done,
Why not you take my baton and start the run?
“I listen to his silent footsteps. He comes… he comes…
ever he comes…”
Cheers to Tagore!


Anonymous Qing-jao said...

Good post.

Monday, November 10, 2008  

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