Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years!

What am I looking for in this new year?
Courage,conviction & passion.
Did I tell you about my fortune cookie?
Went out for lunch last Tuesday & was given
a fortune cookie.It read 'Don't expect romantic attachments to be strictly logical or rational!
Hmm. Ok. You got me Mr. Cookie man.
Hope you have an interesting new year.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Three Monkeys In My Life.

Did I tell you about the three monkeys in my life. They have been collected over a period of five years. They are precious to me. Am still to understand 'Why'. If you are thinking about Mahatma Gandhi's three monkeys, then yes. They too have the exact deficiencies. Cannot see, cannot hear & cannot talk. Or lets put it this way 'Will not see, Will not hear, Will not talk'. And the best part is, all three of them suffer from one or more deficiencies at some time or the other. If its getting too difficult to follow, nevermind. I just need to call them MONKEYS. Rest is inconsequential. Just like all three are. Sometimes I wonder if I am a part of their life,like they are a part of mine, or are they a fiction of my mind. I think I should move to lala land, cos I am losing it big time with these namoonas. Wonder why I even care about them.

From where I stand today, one is completely blind, does not want to see what he wants, though he knows what he wants. The second is so deaf, that even if I shout the reality into his years, he will shut them and belive what he wants to belive. And the third monkey, hmm. It will never speak,am sure. It will keep running away from its feelings and act like this 'larger than life' thingy who does not have anything to do with the measley world. But belive me, all three can take the others shoe any time,actually everytime. At any given time, more than one is standing on a single shoe. So, nice,interesting. Silly Monkeys!!!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What about you?

If I had to name myself, I think I would call me "Maya".
For now they call me Alice in wonderland at work.
What about you? What would you name yourself.
Its such a difficult thing to do,na?