Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Off late, I have been reading a blog of a person who is a friends friend. Now this guy said that his friend is pretty intelligent.While I was reading it the only thing that came to my mind was"loser".
All emotional stuff & lingering thoughts thrown in for the world to read.Now very cutely,I came back to my blog.And guess what? When I read it from the perspective of a person who does not know me,it read "Super Loser".Hmmm.That was quite a lot to admit.So from now on all attempts will be made to have intelligent discussions,indepth analysis,sharing of knowledge and those sort of things.So people do participate & also suggest topics of discussion.Lets see some serious action.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Calvin & Hobbes

He said" What is it that troubles you all the time?"
I said" I dont know,but there is this mounting sense of dissatisfaction"
He said" But thats going to be there for life."
Then we moved on to talk about other things.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Nice Dialogue.

Dosti acchi yaan buri naheen hooti!
Dost acchey yaah bureey hootey hain.
Just heard this on television.Nice.
Wonder what sort of a friend I have been?

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Leisure is the mother of pilosophy.
Thomas Hobbes.
I better get busy:-)

It's Final.

Have decided. Life moves in circles. Just when you think you have moved ahead or moved on, you are standing at the same place, same space, same moment. You may be stepping on or off the circumference, but you can’t move away. Human beings live out of memory. They choose to call it experience. So, everyday, from the beginning to the end (if there is an end), you are reliving your past & adding onto it in your present to live your future. Have been thinking about this for years was right. The circle wins over any other diagrammatic representation of life.
What am I trying to say? Nothing.Zero! Zilch! It’s a circle too ;-)