Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Somewhere in December was having this real deep conversation with my neighbor.They are a real nice couple.I was irritated, frustrated and all the rated stuff and I guess it was showing.Aunty asked me, "you think a lot , don't you?", I just smiled.Uncle then said "remember one thing, you are not a failure, it is the system that has failed you". I was so overwelmed that I felt pukish.Had to excuse myself and run home to vomit.Guess I felt better after that.Would love to continue the conversation with him.

What am I looking for.

This is a piece a friend wrote way back in 2002.I guess we are still lookin for this and don't want to accept reality.Check it out.

'm looking for a wallet I lost long back,
for intelligence that I lack,
I'm looking for world peace
(but we know it wouldn't come that ease!).
I'm looking for 'worm holes' to travel through time
And a find an easy way to reduce the crime,
I'd want to know whether God exists,
They don’t answer, but I'll persist.
Am looking for a way to blend
Spiritualism, Communism and Capitalism,
But what I found in the end,
Sounded much like Existentialism.
I'm looking for a nuke that kills
Not the one but the one who uses,
Let's get rid of this socio-religio-political mess,
But before anyone else, let's start with the US!
I'm looking for ways to become Siperman,
If not Superman, Batman or even He-Man,
Or maybe I should look for Aladdin's Lamp,
But with these powercuts, maybe I can only use it as a
My brain cells are slowly turning to a sQuantum soup,
If I don't stop here, I'm afraid you'll puke!

So, what I'm looking for? Well, nothing much...
Maybe everything, maybe nothing,
Just can't put it as such-and-such.
Why not meet and get surprised,
If you knew everything at the outset,
What would be left to be desired???

I'm a kid who loves to scream,
A man who loves to dream,
I'm a bird who wants to fly,
Am a wet cat who needs to dry.
OK, OK, let me say it,
what I'm looking for is not a myth,
but just a good friend to be bed with!

There I said it, I'm done,
Why not you take my baton and start the run?
“I listen to his silent footsteps. He comes… he comes…
ever he comes…”
Cheers to Tagore!